Raging Golden Eagle
Berkeley bans reality, Google election meddling, Poland strikes back, gaming, and "invisible" women
We're making our own, and the parasites aren't welcome
Games vindicated (again), social media implicated, #NotAll, Netflix falls, and a tragedy occurs...
Online outrage fake? SHOCKING TRUTH! Also political hacks, lawsuits, and game industry hilarity
Self-driving cars starve predatory governments, gaming continues to fall, Brazil's "exiles", + more!
The Anime Golden Age is coming... Right before the fall!
Freedom from payment processors & hitpieces with LewdGamer and Kupaa
Serving fans vs. serving NPCs, Gab finally sees the light, social media hilarity, + more!
Schools double down on Clown World, Marvel crumbling, food related hilarity, + more!
Weaponized Consent
I'm officially a celebrity (in the UK)! Also school waste, hate crimes, justice, and censorship
Nobody is left to speak for you, returning to my roots, and a hilarious consent backfire!
Portland inflamed, Vimeo going full YouTube, corporate entertainment, + more!
The absolute failure of the US public (and private) indoctrination systems
Absolutely INSANE Stadia pricing, straight pride, and subverting censorship
NPC's eat their own again, Fakebook goes Big Brother, + sweet sweet schadenfreude
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Microtransactions and DLC: Worth the time and effort (for the developer)!
Netflix begins siege on anime, Pokemon and D&D hilarity, + more
Deplorable Degeneracy with Appabend (+ news on Alex Jones and D&D)
What NPC victory looks like, and journos once again completely miss the point
NPC menace getting destroyed in court, and watching our enemies eat eachother.
Hate mob instigators pay, brave corporations, EA being themselves, and Get Woke Go Broke
Waiting for post-mastectomy Tifa at Squeenix E3 2019 #SquareEnixE3
Fighting back against the legacy media #VoxAdpocalypse
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ANOTHER Adpocalypse? + Apple hilarity, Get Woke Go Broke, and more Clown World
UN rekt again, Trump moves against Silicon Valley, Clown World, and some tiddies
AAA publishers abuse and discard developers? SHOCKING TRUTH!!
Obsolete Masculinity, some GOOD gaming news, more inclusivity fail, dangers of cohabitation, + more
A reminder of how horrible the UN is, Trump continues to pwn, facial recognition, + more Clown World
Going through the anti-lootbox bill, laughing at the WHO and gaming distorder, + Sony does it again
Milking the gaming cows dry
Laughing at scrubs, justice served, and streaming some hentai!
Misuse of public funds, Valve double standards, NPC tears, + SHOCKING TRUTH
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Evolution of a Corporate Drone: From Asok to Wally
Anime: My favorites of the Spring 2019 season
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The latest, most muted, and spectacularly fabulous stream ever
The Great Idea Guys
Poe's Law, more witch hunts, deplatforming rises, and unintended consequences
You're Fired (via layoff)!
Microsoft's new community standards, social media bans, + more clown world
YouTube pwns itself, Clown World tops itself again, and some extreme projection
Good business and customer relations, double standards, Clown World, and an old favorite returns!
Careful what engines, tools and services you use in #CurrentYear
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Sony's censorship admission overshadows PS5 announcement