Up 16 Grand in Verge! Quitting job soon!
Super Red Alert Digibyte!
Congrats to you all! Altcoins
Blacks ignorance regarding Bitcoin and Altcoins
Dont get comfortable!
I eat sleep and drink this crypto life!
The Last Jedi
Lets win together
My Verge is worth 7 grand!
Coins too high! Yet XRP is 3rd and 77 cents!
Respect ME
Electroneum Wallet Im In
Electroneum Wallet Resets
13 cent Electroneum and 615 dollar Ether!
600 dollar Ether to 1000 soon!
Litecoin 269.80 Excellent!
225 dollar Litecoin!
I am mining Electroneum.
Litecoin 160.00 and The Walking Dead!
Electroneum. Think Big!
Electroneum 12 cents! Think BIG!
Litecoin 119.39 cents.!
The old system vs the new (Cryptos)
Electroneum 8 cents now 1 buck in 4 months
The Vampire wont talk about Blood!
Electroneum will make US millionaires!
Score One for BGS IBMOR!
The doubters still doubt (Etn and Bitcoin)
Fellowship is greatly needed!
My first Uber
10,300 Bitcoin. 100 dollar litecoin. Winning!
I deal with Consensus not stereotypes (MGTOW)
Bitcoin at 10,000 and The Demons!
Top 2 Cryptos im sticking with!
To Mr Walker. On Envy!
There is no such thing as Deadbeat Dads!
Manginas are traitors to their gender!
Typical and embarrasing!
(Will men ever wake up from the mangina matrix?
Painful to talk to a Simp
Why Black Men Dont Want You
White women as victims
(SYSBM) They wonder why we move on.
Houston (Electroneum) We Have A Problem!
Electroneum and Vericoin!
Electroneum on Cryptopia!
Goodmorning (Dentacoin)
Prince is still teaching and sharing
Electroneum Stats! 1.00 $
This Six Figures Nonsense
Vertcoin, Litecoin and Electroneum fireworks!
Cryptos and Maturity 2