True Story
"I Wish My Daughter Chose You"
"The Baby Is Yours, You Don't Need A Paternity Test"
"I'm Sorry, But I Needed The Money"
"You Only Make 65K A Year, Not Enough For Me"
"A Good Deed Almost Cost Me Everything"
"I Made A Mistake, Please Take Me Back"
"My Wife Cheated With The Organist At Church"
"I Regret Cheating, My Husband Was Perfect"
"My Husband Doesn't Know He's Not The Father"
[Update] "My Daughters Knew About My Wife's Affair"
"My Daughters Knew About My Wife's Affair"
"I Regret What I Did, I Still Love You"
"I Knew The Risk, And I Pursued A Relationship Anyway"
"I Regret Cheating, Now He Wants A Divorce"
Disloyal Wife Betrays Army Soldier
"So What I Cheated, I'm Not Seeing Him Now"
"I Was A Work Husband, Here's My Story"
Ex-Wife Lies On Husband In Court
Revenge On Cheating Girlfriend Who Needed Me Financially
I Regret Cheating, Financially I'm Struggling
"I Don't Regret Cheating On My Husband"
"I'm Sorry, He Didn't Mean Anything To Me"
"9-5 Men Can't Be With Me"
"I'm Leaving My Husband For The American Dream"
"I Regret Cheating, It Turned Him Into A Monster"
"Please Forgive Me For Cheating"
"I Regret Cheating And I Want Him Back"
"I Found Pics Of Her Cheating"
"She Moved On Quick, Should I Be Upset?"
"He's Just A Childhood Friend"
"As My Husband You're Obligated To Raise My Child"
"Stop Texting My wife"
"I Was Drunk And It Just Happened, I'm Sorry"
Revenge On Ex-Wife
"When You Get Out I'll Leave Him For You"
"We're A Packaged Deal"
"My Fiancé May Not Be The Father Of My Daughter"
"He Kissed Me, It's Not My Fault"
"I'm In Love With My Work Husband"
"You're Just A Paycheck To Me"
Revenge On Cheating Girlfriend, Left Her Abroad
"I'm Only With You For Your Money"
"I Made A Mistake, I Thought I Wanted To Be Single"
"I Can't Get A Regular Job, I have No Other Talent"
"I Just Slept In His Bed That's Not Cheating"
Ex Fiancee Came Crawling Back
"How Can Men Find Jobs" Sub Email
Single Mom Ghosted Me After Marriage Proposal
Caught My Girlfriend On Tinder
She Cheated Soon After I Bought Us A House
"He Feels A Void That You Can't"
My Wife Wants Me To Pay Her 1k Per Month