The Prepared Mind
Weekly Wrap Up - Splashing in the Tub
A long anticipated get together
More games ?
special Respiration
Revving up for more action
Bears, Hawks, Eagles, and everyone else
what happened and why, questions for us to consider
Good Gad its Gear Time! NBC Gear and Masks
The Ground Under your Feet
The PORK population
In whose name is this being done ?
as California goes, so goes... you just wont believe THIS !
This is REALLY good
Progressive Consequences
We are in BIG Jeopardy
Weekl Wrap Up - Too Hot to Handle
Are you buying what THEY are selling? Be prepared for what is next
Toys in the Tub ? not quite...
more Monkey business
Webs are Weaved
Patreon Live Q&A
the Energy Conundrum
It's worse than they are saying....
Does YOUR plan take THIS into account ?
Brains ? or a ball game ?
Left, Right, or have your own perspective ?
The Tale of Two Perspectives
Michael Pento explains where we are at...
Weekly Wrap Up - What just Happened this Week?
Empirical SHTF
Action & Inaction, and why
Uncertainties & some Solutions
Guess who's talking NoW ?
Is this a Game being Played ?
A lot to Watch
Crop-tastic? or C-Tastrophe?
The Ultimate Bug Out Bag, and what to put in yours!
Weekly Wrap Up - Who Will Clean up this Mess "
Things are really the best ever?
How is THAT good for US ?
GGGT - The Bug Out Vehicle, hot tips
What To Do About SHTF
What did they expect.... duh! SHTF
Imported Goods ??? really?
A Year's Worth of macro-SHTF in ONE Day
Down, Down, Down we go
Chest Thumping by Ding Dongs in D C
the Goal is THEIR Goal, not ours
Pea & Shell, and SHTF ... duh
On your marks, Get set... SHTF !
Competing for Trade
Weekly Wrap Up - Giving us "corny" reasoning again ?