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2-25-2018 Update On The Job
2-15-018 Ungrateful, Unloving Women The Day After....
2-14-2018 Happy International MGTOW Day
02-13-2018 Male Resiliency to Overcome Our Obstacles
2-10-2018 Feminist Stop Motion WTF?!!
2-9-2018 Criticisms
2-5-2018 When MGTOW Are Looked Upon As Creepers
2-1-2018 Single Mothers Talk
1-18-2018 Hilarious Story That Happened Today: THOTS Get Splashed
1-16-2018 Thankful For MGTOW
1-15-2018 Aziz Ansari Debacle: Stefan Mangina And Cuckold Benjamin Video Opinion
1-11-2018 Stefan Molyneux: Arrogant A$$hole And Never Showing Up Opinion
1-10-2018 Storytime: Thank You MGTOW For The Courage To Not Give A F...
1-9-2018 I'm Late But Here's My Thoughts On The Trump Tax Plan
1-2-2018 Men Forced To Drop Kids Off At Fast Food Joint
1-1-2018 Happy New Year Fellow MGTOWs
12-27-2017 MGTOW: Do Not Be This Guy
12-27-2017 Narcissistic Personality: Putting Women At The Center Of Your World Is A Bad Idea
12-26-2017 INGrooves Files A False Copyright Claim ( I Had To Remove My Christmas Video)
12-22-2017 Wrong Turn: The New Channel Style
12-18-2017 Falsely Convicted Rapist Runs For Sheriff
12-15-2017 Oops I Did It Again...
12-14-2017 Story Time! Women Don't Like There Boyfriend's/Husband's Assertive Friends.
12-13-2017 Motivationless
12-12-2017 Letting You Guys Know...
11-23-2017 Happy Thanksgiving MGTOW
10-13-2017 Depression Discussion Along With An Update
10-10-2017 New Intro/Outro Tunes
MGTOW 8-25-2017 The Wall Strikes Again!
MGTOW 08-21-2017 Good Enough For Women, But Bad For A Man
MGTOW: 07-30-2017 Men Are Assertive By Nature
Update 6-22-2017: A Message To My Subscribers
MGTOW 6-11-2017 My "Journey" To MGTOW Has Ruined My Love REO Speedwagon.....THANK YOU!!!!
MGTOW 5-30-2017 Memorial Day Rememberance
MGTOW 5-18-2017 When Women Want To Mold A Man (Commentor Question)
MGTOW 5-17-2017 Some Women Are Scared Of MGTOW
MGTOW 5-16-2017 Holla Back At You Girls
MGTOW 5-15-2017 Blinded By The Lite...Cellulite
MGTOW 5-14-2017 Mother's Day Ramblings
MGTOW 5-13-2017 Feeling Like A MGTOW Man Today
MGTOW 5-4-2017 Seizure Dancing Chick
MGTOW 5-1-2017 Take Responsibility For Your Mistakes
MGTOW 4-23-2017 Women Expect Mulligans After Bad Behavior But Will Not Grant Men One
MGTOW 4-16-2017 Update On The Job/Where I've Been/Women & Pussy Beggars In The Workplace
MGTOW 4-5-2017 Crazy Eyes: I Got The Job Guys
MGTOW 4-4-2017 Possible New Job?! 😆
MGTOW 4-3-2017 Update On My Knee
MGTOW 4-1-2017 Changing The Channel: I Found My Unicorn