The NegroNinja
I never see black women defend black men unless they are scum
Nobody is as conservative as a whore
An awkward woman is far worse than men that awkward towards women
Decent men will not cater to women
Sometimes defending stuff makes it look worse
Don't worry about it
That suspect dude she is with is her boyfriend
Ya'll ever notice how women stay wanting people to pray for them?
Some quick ho nonsense
There is always people that legit think like you
A man has to be foolish to sympathize with fats
When you keep it real they think you are full of it
Some chicks do be wanting to talk but their dysfunction holds them back
Hello Agents Again
Hello Agents
Proof that many chicks date who they hate
Not working in your field is the same as settling for a fat chick
A funny acting chick now is a fat one in the future
You are the aggressor when you retaliate
How women respond to hot men and what holds her back
Never discuss these things with people
They work none stop to hinder you but praise the billionaires
Always have your foot on her neck with accountability
We go out to socialize with people thats anti social
Health talk
Hanging out
More of why I choose not to approach
People never come to you empty handed
Being casual
I don't trust men that put women on a pedestal
Dudes watch you watching women
I peep how insecure dudes roll
Toxicity is so common that it seems normal
There can not be too many real niggas
Crusty Niggas Stay Watching People
She will underestimate you but never want you to look at her as a damsel in distress
A main reason why a chick want control when moves forward
A couple of topics
They hate men for being dogs but want go out there and f one. . .
God's people are taught to be sheep instead of lions
Men And Women Act Different In Muscle Cars
I always see my enemies surrounded by their allies but allies seem to be scattered
I forgot what I supposed to cover
I peep why women don't follow up after sexual tension in public
Youtube will copyright just to keep you from getting money
You don't need a rival to become better
Chilling With The NN
A good reason why hobbies are important
Its Okay For Others To Make Mistakes But Not You
Everybody can say what they want till you start talking
How much wisdom do you really gain by being "positive"?
The hatred men get for being men