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He:"You Can't Shoplift Here!" She:"Yeah? Why Not?" - MGTOW
The Problem with marriages; before you know it they all end up at divorce court /MGTOW
She needed pocket money --- so... /MGTOW
#METOO musical (mgtow)
The man who take no orders from women /MGTOW
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Chinese women exchange tips how to extort men and the system in the USA - MGTOW
I love being single again; MGTOW
If you reject them, they want you even more; MGTOW
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Women, less chatting, more working! (mgtow)
Sledge: He had a Wife That explains the drinking /MGTOW
Remember Rip Van Winkle? MGTOW
Even dogs avoid women - MGTOW
Marriage create nothing, men do, because they shook hands - MGTOW
New Suit because Ex Wife suing me for more Alimony MGTOW
Never get married, Dewey. if you want kids get some eggs --- MGTOW
When Comedy Becomes Misandry In The USA /MGTOW
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Alimony wasn't enough, she wants his balls too. MGTOW
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