Sargon of Akkad and the Silence of the Great Liberators
The Myth of Black Unity
Integrating My People into a Burning House (A Civic Culture video)
Not Interested Part 2: Point Proven.
Conservatives, & The Democratic Plantation
Taking Matters into My Own Hands.
Original Manosphere vs. the Black Manosphere (Check the links first)
My "Becky" Moderator and the Hypocrisy of Angry Nation
The Meaning of a Civic Culture (A Ramble)
My Thoughts on the TRS show about Christianity Good job BIGJXXX (Mirror)
The People's Republic of BGS
Shout out to Xanatos Clutch ( Will be on private soon)
Cynthia G & Amiri Brown (The Great Liberators) Lied on BIGJXXX
Channing Dungey, Roseanne Barr, and Black Men
Are Black Men, the AL BUNDY of the world? (A MRA/MGTOW video)
Fabian Strategy & the Black Manosphere (Obsidian Ali)
Angryman This is NOT a YT video, its an operating table
Warning to Commentors
BIGJXXX vs. the Great Liberators (#TheRootArticles)
Re: The Gladiator School Mentality In the Black Manosphere (Rusty Balls)
Civic Culture vs. Cultural Nationalism (BIGJ v. Cerulean Grey)
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Dallas Judge demands White Only marriage
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You can't Mold Jack Olderhead.
#TheRootArticles Its time
Keep your Advice to yourself, when you are a cheater . Old Head
Stop the Men Bashing
Baby Boomer vs millennial (What Mr Research aka Q Won't tell you.)
There is no Détente
Broke James Brown looking dummy
Men Stop supporting people who don't like you
How & why Black Men lost the Gender War
Being Pookie & RayRay a Choice??? the Hangout)
Is Being Pookie and Ray Ray A choice?
If Slavery was a Choice.....ok?
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Windrush Generation legal right Dawn Butler MP on 19 April 2018
Windrush Generation legal right to live in the UK David Lammy 19 April 2018