Turd Flinging Monkey
News: Male Greatness and Female Validation
News: Male Discrimination Gap
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News: Hands off my Assets
News: Financial Rape Culture
News: Equality Dropped at the First Sign of Female Supremacy
News: China Did A Thing
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News: Be A Real Cow
MGTOW: You Are Not Your Job
The Traditionalism Cycle: Part 6: Fear Factor
The Traditionalism Cycle: Part 5: Life History Cycle 2
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The Traditionalism Cycle: Part 4: Life History Cycle
The Traditionalism Cycle: Part 3: The Egalitarianism Cycle
The Traditionalism Cycle: Part 2: Case Studies of Rome, USA, and Saudi Arabia
The Traditionalism Cycle: Part 1
Random Thoughts: Boys Education
The Case for Patriarchy
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TFM's Guide to Feminism
TFM's Guide to NAWALT
Social Intelligence is Bullshit
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Regarding Hypergamy and Generalizations
MGTOW: Regarding Arrogance
MGTOW: Why Civilized Society Hates Men
MGTOW: The Magic of Male Scarcity
MGTOW Love Women
MGTOW: Is Ethical Leadership a Male Characteristic?
Men Are Smarter Than Women 2: Size Matters
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Men Are Smarter Than Women, Deal With It!
MGTOW: Such is the Nature of Love for an Object
MGTOW: Male Vulnerability Need
Mail: Marriage Mistrust
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Let's Talk About Solutions
MGTOW: League of Shadows
Dying Alone
MGTOW: A Conflict of Visions
MGTOW: Evolutionary Psychology and Behavioral Ecology
She'll Never Love You Confirmed
She'll Never Love You Too
She'll Never Love You (Special Edition)
MGTOW: False Stereotypes (with Dark Knight and Niko Choski)
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Debunking Egalitarianism (with SexyMGTOW and Marcus)
MGTOW: Dark Lords of the Apocalypse
The 50's Aren't Coming Back (PragerU Response)
Be A Real Slave (PragerU Response)
The Enemies of Man: Part 6: Male Sex Drive Follow-Up