Renegade #1
Avoid Projections !
Embrace Your Unattractiveness !
Living Life As A Monk
Keys To Mastering The Black Pill
Most Men Fear The Black Pill
Women Will Always Win !
True Masculinity
Give Up On Women !
Become A Rebel !
True Freedom Doesn’t Exist !
Make Men Great Again !
Unleashing Our Inner Warrior !
Let Go Of The Individualist Mindset!
Kill The Things That Hold You Back !
Don"t Look For Her Approval !
Thirsty Men !
They Want Us Silent !
XX Should Not Have Power !
Women Should Not Have Power
Don't Defend The System !
Attractive Men Will Always Win ! (part 2)
Creating That Black Pill Energy !
Let The World Destroy Itself !
You Are Not Alone !
Don't Let The Outside World Define You!
Forget About Being Normal
The Truth Is Never Popular !
They Will Never Understand Us !
Avoid The Deception
Focusing On Your Evolution!
MGTOW Is Not Enough !
Becoming A Driving Force !
They Want To Control Us !
Healing Your Inner Self ! (MGTOW)
Zero Tolerance !!! (MGTOW)
We Are The Chosen Ones! (MGTOW)
Escaping The False Illusions (MGTOW)
Forget What You Thought (MGTOW)
Overcoming Your Desires (MGTOW)
They Are All Machines! (MGTOW)
Superheros and Villains (MGTOW)
Dealing With The Corporate World (MGTOW)
Government Mind Control (MGTOW)
Suffering/Mental Anguish (MGTOW)
The Beginning Of The End (MGTOW)
The law Makes Her The Center Of Everything !(MGTOW)
There Is No Turning Back (MGTOW)
Society Wants Us To Be Degenerates ! (MGTOW)
Real Men Are Being Exterminated (MGTOW)
Jay Z Is Not For The People (MGTOW)
Most MGTOW Men Are Still Blue Pilled (MGTOW)
Preparing For The Future Meeting #2