Donovan Worland
Democrats You Could Always Win And Be Totally Fucked.
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Minneapolis, @Timcast The Future Is #Diversity Surrounding You & Grinning
Vote Trump 2020 OR Vote For Theft, Rape, Communism and Child Exploitation
Running Pace of a Week, eh?
Iran Cheated - IAEA, Bolton Out!
Orange Man Bad = Hoes Mad
And The Fall Comes To Oregon - Full, No Space Available
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AOC vs. Crenshaw About Sister Strafe-a-hoe, True Soul Mama!
What Are You Christians Prepared To Do? World Council of Churches!
Kamala Harris and Elizabeth Warren More Stupid Leftist Handbags
Democratic Climate Bullshittin Session
The BIG REASON The Left Hates Andy Ngo
When Democrats Leave You Loot.
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Mark Carney Announcement On A New Currency
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Russia, Begins An "Atari" Attempt To The South
China Is Destroying Buddhism, Socialists Are The Anti-Culture
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PM of Israel says #BegoneThot to #TheSquat ISRAEL HAS DECIDED...
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@scrowder Think BIG Evil, #Epstein Was Not Just A Pervert...
Liberal HangryGamers Couldn't Keep Epstein Safe...
The Weaponized Autists Have A Platinum Opportunity
Tragic Weightlifting Accidents....
I Was, Maybe AM An Occultist, Why Have I Chosen Christ... Thoughts?
Thoughts About The Castro Doxxingnacht
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British Were Always Going To Be Enslaved FCO Secret Doc
Oregon Climate Change Lawsuit Down!
A Reading About - #immigration And Identity, Some History and Numbers...
By The Numbers.....
Colin Noir Inspired Thoughts On Guns etc.
Thoughts About How Feminists & Shitlibs Helped TRUMP🐸👌
Blyat! Where in the blin are the Russian Nationalists!?