Donovan Worland
The House, The Yard, The Fence & The Street-A Rant on Culture,Rightism & Leftism
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Proof I am a Nerd, Not a Dork!
Channel Roll Call-Record Unboxing
The Real N!ggers of Politics-John Brown Gun Club, By Any Means Necessary & Antifa
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Thank You EO....something....I just had to think about adapters-DJ Testing Session
HBD and White Privilege Confidence Artists-It's A Bred For Trait, To Be a Bother
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An Example of Nationalist Art You All Are Familiar With.
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Thoughts After A Tea-What is The Trump Movement?Heredity is One of Many Inputs...
The Year of the Robot Maybe? Thoughts about robots, AI & armor cloth tailors.
The Manosphere has won the internet via dank lolz but what's next....ladies?
Liberals, what are you free to do ? What are you free from? Progress, to where?
Two things,sorry Joel Pollock,brilliant trolling fooled me & WEEEED! TRRUUUMMMMPP! Oh no!
#Progressives and #Democrats and Their 3 Points of Failure That Bore The #RightWing
"Couchgate" ain't shit, Pollock is a bitch, Ukraine is at war, channel updates about audio files!
I have a bias against actors, Oscar Rant.
Michael Ian Black and Rape Culture Bullshitters Got Me A Bit Heated.
#Skinhead #Reggae Set-Greater Americana Broadcast System-2/25/17
Unboxing The Spirit of '69-7" #TrojanRecords Box Set-#Oi #Skinheads
Spirit of '69 - Boss Reggae 7" Box Set Arrived!
Greater Americana Broadcast-Thursday 2/23/17
Music Time-Greater Americana Broadcast-Thursday 2/23/17 P.1
Caffeine got to me and I thought about that "Meme Magic" Question I got...