Donovan Worland
Music Time-Greater Americana Broadcast-Thursday 2/23/17 P.1
Caffeine got to me and I thought about that "Meme Magic" Question I got...
A Bit of Theology-I Got Christian Swag....just kidding, not really,St. Benedict Medallion
Yes,Indeed Davis, What Are Red Pills, Without the Kung Fu & Arsenal?
Who Will The Liberal & Progressive White Women Punch In The Face?
Milo , Well Is It Time We Discuss Western Culture & The Sexualization of Children?
Trust Your DJ-2-17-17-#Jamaican #Ska Bacchanal ! Leap Like A Frog!
Trust Your DJ-2-17-17-Continued Journey From London to Jamaica
Trust Your DJ-February 17th 2017-Remember We Recorded The Music For A Reason!
Black Russian Propaganda - Systema Trump Style
Behavior is mostly inherited-SJWs & Commie Trash Explained
The Authoritarian Handbook Ch. Pick A Target, Any Target by Carl Segerstrom
A Time & Place To Speak by Emma Henderson for Daily Emerald
Gays Against Gentrification & Trans Communist Cadre Assault Canadian Feminists, No Really!
Why are stores fucking with the Trumps?
Trust Your DJ-Friday 2-10-17-Funk, Soul, Latin and Caribbean Session
Trust Your DJ-2-10-17-Super Funk Session!
Oregon Confederate Flag Crisis, It is What It Is
Trust Your DJ Pt.3 for Tuesday February 7 2017
Trust Your DJ Pt2 for Tuesday February 7 2017
Thanks for covering my shift Siona-Trust Your DJ-More rock in this one made me think, some Black Pill truth about the limitations of Trump and the Right.
Give The Music Back To The Peepuhl! Make Music Great Again-Trust Your DJ Pt.3
Trust Your DJ-#Kekistani Dance Party-Friday February the 3rd 2017 Part Two......
Trust Your DJ-Dance #Kekistan Do The #Shadilay! Not the Normie Shuffle!
Ultra long rant about why I never hear about the "Red Pill" in liberal media.
Esther Fung article in WSJ-Mall Owners Are Rushing Out of the Business
#DisruptJ20 Happened, so what are you willing to do? Liberty, Truth, Justice & Concord.
Women Resist Trump with Pink Hats on Parade in Washington D.C.-Wooo?
A Reading-Hudson Institute Essay On Naqshbandi-Khalidi Sufi Order's Effect On Turkish Politics
Presidential Level Secret Society of MAGA Propagandacast-Trust Your DJ-Trump!
Inauguration Day 2017-Trust Your DJ-Trump Dedication #MAGA
Brother Polight and Tommy Sotomayor's debate came up in my mind when I read this.
Another Reading of the Tao Te Ching
Tim Demotivator and Bearing Made Me Think About My Former Epistemology As a Lefty
Opening Amazon Package, New Book!
A Reading on Occultism of Sorts-The Universal Truth-Nei Jing Su Wen
The RefuseFascism advert in the New York Times-Sorry, I kind of exploded on this one!
Sunday January 8th 2017_Trust Your DJ-Part Two
Sunday January 8th 2016 Trust Your DJ-Set One