Tod Talks
Let me encourage you.
Grab your morning brew.
A Vlog waffle and a recommendation.
Grab a brew and give yourself a couple of minutes.
Just a thought.
Big thx and a heads up.
Rain? You nasty man, nasty nasty man!
Tis a smidge damp today....
A painting. 'Mist Rising.'
Super Ai and Blockchain.
Ostio arthritis (hips) improvement. Ebook or video?
Van life. Cheap easy freezer.
Tod update.
Tods warrenty? Ffs....
To all you artists.
Royal wedding - meghan and harry are not married...
Meghan is going to change the royal family....
Vlog. How the Gods love to play with us.
Abstract art. It ain't that easy!
Mental health awareness week. - The darker side.
royal wedding 2018.
We're all just walking each other home. And a painting.
Spiritual cleansing exercise.
2018 - The first 5 months.
Upcoming series and today's jaunt!
Conspiracy Researcher? - Guilty!
Millennials, the Fray Bentos generation.
Fray Bentos generation.
Modern slavery.......... dwp sanctions.
Iceland - North and South are like chalk and cheese.
Van build - another Cam update.
Iceland - for those that like waterfalls.
Iceland - Iceberg ahoy!
Van Life - How I eat well.
An Icelandic Story.
Local elections 2018 & Windrush.
Madonna limited edition work. But who made it??? Help!
Quick van build update.
The empty boat.
A conversation with myself - #1
The happiness of others - Hobozen
Woodland tears. It's can be yours for free.
TFH live - πŸ‘ or πŸ‘Ž
Local elections 2018
Tods doors. - Part the deux...... Fail. 😱
Lets go for a drive! Sainsbury / Asda merger.
The gap between thoughts.