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The Economic Collapse Has Started, Turkey In Recession, Germany and ECB Stimulus Plans
FullSpectrumSurvival     Published: 2019-03-11T22:00:00.000Z
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Good evening everyone and welcome to the night shift, covering important news and preparedness events for the evening of March 11th of the year 2019.

The US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces or SDF, a group that organizations and researchers warn has strong ties to terrorists groups and a group that is acting at the behest of western military alliances, doing the dirty work that the US government a

in other news, Vitamin D has a well understood place in a prepared person’s food and medicine stores as it has been proven time and again to offer individuals overwhelmingly positive net effects to their health as we live in an era of food production void of the nutrients of untouched soil due to overuse and environmental hazards that negatively impact health.

When a disaster strikes, survivors across our planet have historically used refuse or garbage burning as a way to get rid of trash that could otherwise become a health or boundary hazard and in some cases, survivors have sustained themselves by cooking and boiling water over petroleum based items such as rubber tires and plastics as these items are an abundant form of energy that will be found in even the most remote areas of our world.

The unseen danger here is that as survivors of a disaster burn their trash en mass, these air pollutants have been linked to a decrease in viable and breathable air in the miles surrounding disaster sites and an increase in diseases for the survivors as they breathe the pollutants in over the course of a long duration emergency.

Now research out of the National institute of health and Environmental Health Sciences, shows that vitamin D is protective against asthma in urban environments with high indoor and outdoor air pollution levels, another reason to make additive vitamin D a part of your preparedness stores that you can cycle through and use now and have them already in use if you or your family finds yourselves in a long duration emergency.

Following this afternoons broadcast concerning a failing empire, the cracks in the world economy are becoming more visible with each passing week. Last week, the European central bank enacting new stimulus plans to stall that regions failing economy, Now Germany is considering novel plans to halt its own faltering control and news broke this week that Turkey, a one time supporter of all things western who has gravitated toward Russian allegiance and military independence away from the united states has fallen into a recession, further worsening the outlook that economists have placed on the world government’s abilities to hold things together and raising concern that an economic collapse may take place sooner than originally thought.