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The Powers That Be Want You DRUGGED FOREVER - You HAVE to hear this!
FullSpectrumSurvival     Published: 2018-04-16T22:26:31.000Z
Goldman Sachs and certainly countless other chemical pharmaceutical and bioengineering companies do not want to cure you. They do not want you to get better. They want you to be a source of recurring income for the rest of your miserable little lives.

This analyst and countless others have expressed how cures exist but they will never make it to market because once you are cured, you are no longer a viable source of income and when companies are Too-Big-To-Fail and they give their dividends to government organizations through stocks, they cannot afford to lose you as a patient.

Please excuse my volatility in this video. I cannot stand for us all, human beings, to be treated like rats in a maze but to companies so large, that is what we are... We are useless eaters so they are going to profit off of us in as many ways as they can.

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