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Russia Threatens To Target The USA If It Deploys Missiles In Europe - China Unveils AI Campaign
FullSpectrumSurvival     Published: 2019-02-20T19:05:03.000Z
Russia Threatens To Target The USA If It Deploys Missiles In Europe - China Unveils Massive AI Campaign.

speaking during his state-of-the-nation address today, Wednesday the 20th, Russian president Vladmir Putin warned the united states and its allies that Russia will deploy and target a new class of potentially unstoppable hyper-sonic missile systems at the United states if the US deploys intermediate-range missiles anywhere near Russia in Europe.

The warning comes as the united states moves forward with promises that it has made to us ally and Russian opposition countries within europe in which the united states has guaranteed the safety of those allies from rising forces including russia by not only promising that the US would lay down the lives of its military men and women for the people of those other countries but also by deploying new missile technology within those regions that would be capable of countering threats made by Russia and other countries that are in opposition of the western allegiance.

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