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Mailbox Monday - Remembering The Light - Hobbit Holes - Religious Prep - Budgeting
FullSpectrumSurvival     Published: 2018-05-14T21:17:57.000Z
In today's Mailbox Monday we talk about:

Remembering The Light - You don't have to let everything that is going on in the world affect you actually enjoying your life. Turn a walk into discovering new locations in your area that you could bugout to or learn your local wild edibles.

Hobbit Holes - They are a great idea for numerous reasons, such as social acceptance, camouflage and more

Religious Prep - No matter what religion you follow, most have a plan that they recommend for preparedness

Budgeting - Don't let the price of an item stop you from getting something if you think it is necessary for you and your family's survival. Setting a budget in place will make getting this more possible.

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